Friday, January 22, 2010

Strongarm Drop Like A ROCK!!!!!

The premier game of the New Year saw the much anticipated match up between 4-1-0 C.F.L. led by Coach Craig and the undefeated 5-0-0 Stronghold Strongarms.

After all was said and done Coach Craig had this to say:

 "If I could, I think I would have to give my team's MVP award to Strongarm vet. player Gattil!!!! He fumbled more than some potted plants I know....

 But that being said I am very pleased with my Team today - they have learned a lot and earned a lot. Abraxus The Multiformed finally lived up to his role of being the team hammer. If today is any indication, having seriously injured Denovay the slayer and taking him out of the next game, there is much to believe in the words of those who say his best hits border on felonious assault.

Abraxus was also key, along with the brilliant plays of actual game MVP The Mighty Fecundus in holding down the Deathroller and ensuring that it had little impact in overall play. Thanks to Coach B himself for the insinuations regarding what their forges were working on in his previous interview - it really allowed us to be prepared for this mechanical monstrocity.

The Deathroller in action vs the C.F.L.

Fecundus was a monster today (technically, being daemonic and all, I guess he is a monster everyday - but I think you catch my meaning) and had a key role to play in all the major plays of the day. He is often underrated but has clearly become a major key to this team's play. The fleet footed catchers moved exceptionally, the linesmen supported and everything went pretty much to plan. Really it was the Dwarven inability to hang on to the ball which made it a massacre instead of just a beating.

What amuses me the most is just how easily these fools have succumbed to the great plans of Lord Tzeentch. Us losing the previous game has ensured that this defeat moves the Strongarm not to second but causes them to fall meteorically all the way back to fourth!!! "Any way but down" indeed Coach B"

Just goes to show that what the famous philosopher Play-Doh (or whatever his name was) said is right "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." The Strongarm talk a good game but if you dont let them intimidate you they fall apart like Jenga played by hyperactive monkeys (or by the coaching staff of the Skullcrushers... more or less the same thing really)!

Actually this guy looks scarier than most of the Skullcrushers.....

In other games - Coach coffin raised more than just Zombies with a win over the INCREDIBLY VIOLENT Midnight City Nightmare.  While this may have propelled Coach Coffin into the top place in the league I think that the Nightmare were the real winners here as the coaching staff seem to finally be using the strengths and abilities of the players in an effective manner. The team owner was overheard saying "Those zombies may be a pain - but they make for great target practice!"

In additional play the Kroxigoons continue their slow but steady rise to greatness, and the Plague once again show that they can be a serious threat and a dangerous crew. The Hoard, Skullcrushers, Hooligans, Kroxigoons, Crusaders and the Reavers all draw in what appears to be a general stabalising of the challenger (though challenged is perhaps more appropriate....) ranked teams.

That pretty much wraps it up for this edition of N.C.C. News - see you next week time for more action from the Crusader Cup!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Games 5+6

Game 5
•3-1 Akatruki’sHoard (N)59/Skullcrushers(O)45
•3-2 Coach Coffin(U)156 / C.F.L. (SL)135
• 1-0 Stronghold Strongarms(D)168/WhitetailNeptunePlague(S)110
• 3-2 Kroxigoons(L) 142/RieklandReavers(H)113 
• 0-0 MidnightCityNightmare(DE)110 / ManchesterMorgueFillers (C)100
• 2-2 Norse Nuckleheads (H)100 = HildebrandtsHooligans (O)125

Game 6
• 4-1 C.F.L. (SL)153/Stronghold Strongarms(D)150
• 2-0 Coach Coffin(U)170/MidnightCityNightmare(DE)96
• 0-0 Skullcrushers(O)65=Nuffle's Crusaders(H)
• 3-2 WhitetailNeptunePlague(S)126/ ManchesterMorgueFillers (C)70
• 0-0 Reikland Reavers (H) 122 = Kroxigoons(L) 151
• 0-0 A. Hoard (N) 69 = Hildebrandts Hooligans (O) 131

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NCC Pitch!!!

With great thanks to Stef "Malface" Grambart I present the Nuffle's Crusader Cup Pitch!!

(Now with working Link - Huzzah!)