Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to the N.C.C. Blood Bowl League!

Hello and welcome!

This will be the home of the N.C.C. Bloodbowl League. We are currently entering into our first season and are very excited about what the future holds for us. This league is primarily composed of members of The Nicholson Catholic College branch of The Lost Game Club and is centered around the Belleville/Quinte West gaming community in Ontario, Canada. For more information on The Lost please check us out at

The League Commissioner is James Craig - a well recognised staple of the Canadian miniature hobby scene, 11 time Golden Demon + Multi award winning painter/gamer,  and well known in many online communities where he generally goes by the handle Tkkultist.  Commissioner Craig (Also Coach Craig in this League!) is also one of the founding members of The Lost, owns the Club Forums, runs this particular blog, runs the N.C.C. Games Club and has his own website at  If you have any questions about the contents of this site, the league or this club - please direct them to him through one of the above sites or using the comment features on this page.

Players please note that two VERY important league files have been added to this page - please click on the "RULES" Tag in the right hand collumn to see them. I will notify everyone through this board if any revisions are made.

League Format

We will be using a version of the A.B.L.E. Ladder Rules found at which itself is based on World Chess Organization play.

"ABLE" is designed as a "bottom-up" environment, with lesser valued teams having more control over the schedule and flow of the "ladder" system.

Schedule: technically, there is none. The ladder and challenge system allows for any number of games... play is pretty much at your leisure

Team entry: All teams enter the ladder at 1,000,000 Team Value (TV) or less, i.e., teams start new. A team starts in the ladder at "100" Rank value.

Playing a game and issuing challenges: you must be lower in rank AND not played the challenged team twice in a row. Challinging a team that is over 200,000 in Team Value above you requires permission of the Commissioner.

If you do not issue a challenge then an opponent will be assigned you by Commissioner Craig!!!!

LEAGUE POINTS LADDER : Every team starts with 100 League points, and your League point total can never go below zero.

At the beginning of every game you compare the league point difference between the two teams on the following chart:

Point Difference League Points

0-10 16/16
11-32 15/17
33-54 14/18
55-77 13/19
78-100 12/20
101-124 11/21
125-149 10/22
150-176 9/23
177-205 8/24
206-237 7/25
238-273 6/26
274-314 5/27
315-364 4/28
365-428 3/29
429-523 2/30
524+ 1/31

  • The first number in the Points column is the points the winner gets and the loser loses if the higher league point team wins.

  • The second number is the points the winner gets and loser loses if the lower league point team wins the match.

  • In case of a tie, each team gets half (rounded up if needed) of the points they should get for winning.

Example: The Chaos All-Stars play the Bluebun Crammers (halflings). The All-Stars have racked up 174 league points after 5 victories. The coach of the Bluebuns called him out. The Halfling team has lost 5 straight games and has league points of 24. The difference between the two teams is 150. On the chart this indexes to 9/23.

  • If the All-Stars win: All-Star League Points = 174 + 9 = 183; Bluebuns = 24 - 9 = 15

  • Should the Crammers pull off the upset win: All-Stars = 174 - 23 =151; Bluebuns = 24 + 23 = 47

  • Should the teams tie: All-Stars = 174 + 5 = 179; Bluebuns = 24 + 12 = 36

League Rules

The Basics:

Rules set: LRB 5+ Experimental Rules Review 2008; free download above.
Miniatures: ANY figure that may reasonably identify the position... including metal, plastic, Games Workshop and non-Games Workshop minis....

Schedule: technically, there is none. Games Club meets every tuesday and games will be played in two halves across two weeks. You may choose to call a game after one half if you wish. You may also choose not to participate in any given 2 week cycle though you can not join in half way through unless you accept that the game MUST then only be a half.

Specific House Rules
1. 1 mil starting teams

2. All teams start with Fan Factor 5 - FF does not count against spiraling expenses and cannot be purchased

3. No deaths or injuries incurred in a teams first match of the year count as permanent. Star Player Points (SPP) are still earned as if they were. Teams that raise players may raise a casualty from the fans in the sidelines instead of the opposing team ;)

4. MVP awards will not be randomised and may be allocated by the coach at the end of each match as they see fit.

5. The miniatures used must clearly display each players position. The position of official Blood Bowl miniatures are naturally recognizable but if you are using other miniatures I recommend the time honoured tradition of colour coding the bases: yellow - catcher, red - blitzer, white - thrower, green - blocker, grey - lineman. If you are uncertain as to which colour to use, just make sure that each 1 colour only applies to 1 position.

Furthermore, it must be easy to tell individual players apart, in order that both you and your opponent can tell which player has chosen which skill. Visible numbering is the easiest way of doing this.

6. This is an open roster league - your team roster may be asked for at any time by any opponent. They have the right to ask which skills you have on a given model ant to recieve an honest answer.

7. Rewinds: You are allowed to take back the move and declaration of the player you are currently moving, as long as you have not rolled any dice for his action. Once you've started on a new player you may not rewind a previously moved one. If you take back a player's action then you do not have to move that same player immediately - you may move something else and then come back to him later.

8. If either coach has made an illegal set-up of his players at a kick-off, and this is spotted before the kick-off has been resolved, then the opposing coach is allowed to rectify the mistake. Illegal set-ups include: Too many players on the pitch or in the wide zone, as well as too few players on the pitch or on the line of scrimmage. In either of these cases, the changes made by the opposing coach must themselves be legal, and must only involve the illegally positioned players.

9. If it is discovered that a coach has (or has had) too many players on the pitch in the current drive, then his opponent is allowed to immediately move the excess fielded players into the reserves box, (dropping the ball if carried).

10. Additional bonus star player points will be awarded as follows - Each player who takes the field in any season game will recieve 1SPP. Any model which is painted for this season's league will earn 1SPP. Any team which is deemed fully painted will receive 5 SPP upon completion of a team photo for the web site.