Tuesday, April 13, 2010

C.F.L. Downed by... The Hoard? What THE!?!?!?!

In what can only be deemed a part of Lord Tzeentch's strange master plan, the CFL, having slapped the Hoard all around the field proceeded to step aside and let their lone remaining fieldable player "Bob" the Wight stumble the entire length of the field to score the games one and only touchdown.

The C.F.L. then vanished from the field back into the warp before the Wight himself fell over unable to continue (if they had stayed a split second longer this would have constituted a forfeit!!!)

Coach Craig Was Unwilling To Comment
(and we didnt exactly push the point... just in case...)

One must wonder if this has any connection to the recent disappearances of the Manchester Morgue Fillers and Midnight City Nightmare? When asked about the possible connection Coach Craig merely smiled meaningfully and walked away whistling to himself.

Game 8 (PO1) Results
Kroxigoons (L)168 /  Riekland Reavers (H)130
1-0 Akatruki's Hoard (N)56 / C.F.L. (SL)165
2-0 Coach Coffin (U) 154 / Whitetail Neptune Plague (SK)140
1-1 Sunday Skullcrushers (O)53 = The Stronghold Strongarms (D)162
0-0 Hildebrandt's Hooligans (O)130 = Nuffle's Crusaders (Buy)

Game 9 (PO2)
Coffin vs Strongarm
Kroxigoons vs The Hoard
Plague vs Skull Crushers
Reavers vs Crusaders (buy)
CFL vs Hooligans