Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Kroxigoons FTW!

Slow and steady certainly seem to have won the race for the Kroxigoons who finished the regular season in FIRST PLACE!!! Well done to Coach Giles and his crew. 

It seems that the death of the Lich King had more effect on Coach Coffin's team than most would have thought - seeing him lose a crucial game and drop from 1st to 4th in the rankings. Coach Coffin seemed confident in the future of his team and was quoted as saying: "Following the death or Arthas there was a distinct drop in the old team magic - literally - as such the team did not perform well. I think that things have rebounded a bit and you will see some new life... er unlife?... in the team during the playoffs!"

Coach Craig was very impressed by the futile attempts of the Sunday Skullcrushers and has suggested that they may actually be starting to look like a team rather than the disorganized rabble we have all grown to love and loathe in equal measure.....

The Midnight City Nightmare have somehow garnered the first tournament buy and have reportedly used the time off to visit the Pulse training camp. What lightning fast tricks they will learn there is anybody's guess.

The Reavers have tied the Hooligans for 6th - surprising since the Hooligans are a virtual mystery to everyone in the league. Apparently Commissioneer Craig has been pulling some serious shennanigans this season...
Insiders are saying that the Morgue Fillers are looking strong on the field but may need to seek out a new coaching staff. No one has stepped forward thus far so Coach Nick may be safe for the time being... mabey

STATS Game 7 - Final regular season game - asserts rankings for opponents in the playoffs

1-0 Kroxigoons (L)168/ Coach Coffin (U) 154
1-0 The Stronghold Strongarms (D)162/ Manchester Morgue Fillers (C)58
3-1 C.F.L. (SL)165/ Sunday Skullcrushers (O)53
3-1 Whitetail Neptune Plague (SK)140/Akatruki's Hoard (N)56
0-0 Hildebrandt's Hooligans (O)130 = Riekland Reavers (H)130
0-0 Midnight City Nightmare (DE)112=Nuffle's Crusaders

Which means the following will be the seeding for
the first playoff round!

1 Kroxigoons (L)168 vs 6 Riekland Reavers (H)130
2 C.F.L. (SL)165 vs Akatruki's Hoard (N)56
3 Whitetail Neptune Plague (SK)140 VS Coach Coffin (U) 154
4 Sunday Skullcrushers (O)53 VS The Stronghold Strongarms (D)162
5 Hildebrandt's Hooligans (O)130 vs Nuffle's Crusaders (Buy)