Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End is only the Beginning.....

Coach Craig stepped quietly onto the deserted pitch and took in his surroundings. The Astrogranite was cool under his feet and he relished the feeling. It had been a long, hot summer, the kind that drove men to madness. It had been wonderous. But summer had passed into autumn and the season of Blood was upon them once more. Coach Craig thought back to the last time he had stepped into the stadium, the chaos he had created, the power he had wielded.....

 Sure his C.F.L. had taken third place behind the Stonghold Strongarm and Coach Coffin's undead but both of those coaches had to sleep uneasily with the knowledge that it was only because Craig had decided it should be so. They both knew in the cold pits of their stomachs that they had been defeated.  Coach coffin had even gone so far as to flee the region to seek greener pastures and lesser prey. But the Stronghold, they were dwarves and would hold a grudge. They would want to see their secret shame avenged. They would be back. Chaos would ensue.

Coach Craig smiled. This would be a fun season indeed.

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  1. Hey James, good to see some more posts up here.
    Whereabouts in Belleville do you play? My folks cottage is in Picton - everytime I see a post of yours I'm tempted to sort out some games over a weekend :)